Staging Services

We are a Redlands-based staging service that specializes in providing our clients with high-end designs. Our design team curates a combination of neutral, transitional furniture, and carefully chosen decor to highlight the best features of your home.

Our fee includes delivery, set up, design, and removal of all staging items. We bring in our own moving team as well as a design team to set up and remove the stage after your home is sold. 

We always offer a two-month contract to give you enough time to receive multiple offers, negotiate terms, get the appraisal, and have all contingencies removed. Our staging fee is tax-deductible and staged homes typically sell for 10% more and 70% faster than non-staged homes. You will usually get the full staging investment back and much more.

Our Recommendations

While each home’s stage setting will vary depending on the size, layout, and unique characteristics, we typically recommend staging the master suite, kitchen, dining room, living room, and family room. These main living spaces are the heartbeat of your home and the areas that buyers will be most invested in during their decision-making. It’s best to stage your home before you take your listing photos to showcase a property that radiates with positivity and neutrality right from the beginning of the selling process.

I highly recommend Simply Staging by Sara. It is totally worth the investment. After Sara and her team staged our property, we had four offers at or above our asking price within 5 days of listing it.

- Patricia Marshall

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